Tips for Saving Money (and Energy) with a New Boiler

When it comes to saving energy and money in the home, the first thing to look at should be your boiler. Up to 55 percent of everything you spend on energy bills in a year is for the boiler – so it makes sense to have an efficient one. Replacing your old gas boiler with a condensing boiler that is rated A for efficiency could dramatically cut your energy spending.

How Much Can You Save Each Year?

The answer to this question depends on how old your boiler is, and how inefficient it is. The older the boiler and the more inefficient, the more money you save because you are likely to be spending a lot of money on fuel bills already. You could save up to £305 a year if you have an old, G-rated boiler and you live in a large house. However, you do of course have to factor in the cost of a new boiler. Boilers aren’t cheap. A new condensing boiler will probably cost you around £2,300. This may be a lot of money to pay out at once. But the savings will add up in the long-term if you are staying in your house for a few years. If you are moving home, a new efficient boiler will improve the rating on your energy performance certificate review (for more details about the EPC, contact A better rating on the energy efficiency review will give potential buyers more incentive to choose your property.

Are New Boilers More Efficient?

New boilers are certainly more efficient than older boilers, for many reasons. The main reason is that new boilers are condensing boilers, which have larger heat exchangers. These boilers recover more heat and lose less heat in the flue.

 How to Choose a New Boiler

If you are looking to buy a new boiler then you must decide what kind of boiler you need. If you have a mains gas supply then it makes economic sense to buy a gas boiler. Gas boilers are much more efficient to run and cost a lot less, so it is a good idea to find out if you can get a gas connection to your house if you are not already connected. Sometimes the gas company will help fund a new connection – contact them to find out.

When you buy a new boiler you have the choice of buying a combi boiler instead of a boiler with a separate hot water cylinder. If you use a lot of water you are probably better off buying a regular boiler, but a small family or a single person that doesn’t use much hot water will benefit from a combi boiler. If you don’t have much space, a combi boiler is the better option.

Make sure you choose a professional, reputable local company to install the boiler. For gas boilers, the fitter must be Gas Safe registered. Check that the company can give you customer references and that they have a good reputation in the local area.

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